You’ll forgive me if there is already a library or gem which already provides this feature. This piece of code was thrown together quickly as a response to a StackOverflow question. Not tested thoroughly, and not production-ready quality, but could be usable if polished a little bit.

So, say you make a multilingual application and good ol’ Ruby’s string comparison (thus sorting string arrays, for example) doesn’t work as you expect for languages other than English. With the following method, you just need to provide a string with all the letters from the desired language properly ordered for comparison and sorting to work. It would be, theoretically, possible to alter default string comparison method String#, but previously somehow feed it with alphabetically ordered string.

class String
  # compares two strings based on a given alphabet
  def cmp_loc(other, alphabet)
    order = Hash[alphabet.each_char.with_index.to_a] do |c1, c2|
      cc = (order[c1] || -1) (order[c2] || -1)
      return cc unless cc == 0
    return self.size other.size

class Array
  # sorts an array of strings based on a given alphabet
  def sort_loc(alphabet)
    self.sort{|s1, s2| s1.cmp_loc(s2, alphabet)}

array_to_sort = ['abc', 'abd', 'bcd', 'bcde', 'bde']

  :language_foo => 'abcdef',
  :language_bar => 'fedcba'

p array_to_sort.sort_loc(ALPHABETS[:language_foo])
#=>["abc", "abd", "bcd", "bcde", "bde"]

p array_to_sort.sort_loc(ALPHABETS[:language_bar])
#=>["bde", "bcd", "bcde", "abd", "abc"]